エクラ, Kiran, 艾克拉, Master Summoner (召喚師), Summoner, Commander, ???, Near and Dear (半身の友), 手足之交, Führende Hand, Camarada leal, Être cher, La persona cara, Amizade fiel, Hood (フード)
Gender: Male/Female if the game is set to a language other than English or Japanese the players gender is chosen by them Race: Human Game: Fire Emblem Heroes First Seen: Preface Fire Emblem Heroes has a player character known as the Summoner Japanese: Master Summoner who summons Heroes for the Order of Heroes. Rather than being a customizable inuniverse character like the tactician from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade or the avatars from New Mystery of the Emblem through Fates the Summoner is actually the player themselves. They are however given the default name Kiran Japanese: Eclat. Source: Fire Emblem Wiki