ナーシェン, Narcian,Narshen

Narcian (Nacien in the Japanese version) is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He is one of the Three Dragon Generals of Bern, and an extremely ambitious officer. He was entrusted with the invasion of Lycia, and his lieutenant is Flaer. He is responsible for many actions during Roy's journey through Lycia and the Western Isles. He is a very narcissistic person, has a tendency to bear grudges, and will not hesitate to let his underlings die for him so that he can live; for example, his lieutenant Flaer was killed while holding Cecilia captive. Eventually, due to his constant failings, he learns from General Murdock that King Zephiel has demoted him, replacing him with Galle. However, Murdock tells him that if he can stop the Lycian Army from retaking the capital of Etruria, Aquleia, he will try to convince Zephiel to restore him to his original rank. Before the battle, Narcian, not wanting to suffer for his own failures, decides to frame one of his subordinates, Zeiss, for conspiring to give information to the Lycian Army, having learned that Zeiss' sister, Melady, has joined the Lycian Army. However, Zeiss, having learned of Narcian's plot to frame him from Galle, ends up joining the Lycian Army, while Narcian is killed during the battle.