Sekke Bronzazza

Age: 16 Height: 175 cm Birthday: April 22nd Sign: Taurus Blood Type: B Is a member of Clover Kingdoms Green Mantis squad. A magic knight who fought and lost to Asta during their entrance exam. He befriended Asta in order to use him as a stepping stone to show off his powers which he believed to be superior as Asta appeared to be an incompetent magician. As a magic knight he complains about how tough he has it in his squad and that hes always tasked with monotonous chores. He meets Astas group while gambling with an elderly woman on the black market. He tries to impress the women Asta is with but ends up getting stabbed in the foot by a paralysis inducing knife while chasing a burglar. Believing his life to be over he tries to pass on his unfulfilled lifes ambition to Asta before realizing his injury is far from fatal.