Hana Arai

荒井 花
Hana Arai is the second main lead and deuteragonist of Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken. Alice ends up trespassing into Hanas house as she seemed to be part of the key to solving this Juda mystery. Hana is a far more observant and thoughtout person to counteract Alices propensity to jump into any situation without much thought at the mercy of her own whimsical nature. This isnt to say that Hana herself isnt a whimsical person she very much is she just keeps herself in check most of the time. Where Alice is comparatively idealistic and childish Hana is more than a tinge jaded cynical and a tad bitter. Hana expresses most of her cynicism through deadpan humour she is a deadpan snarker.