Saori Saga

佐賀 沙織
A high school student who had trouble with the law during the 1st Season. After reforming herself Saori graduated from high school and studied in the Metropolitan Police Department Academy since she admired Natsumi and Miyuki for their hard work in the force and was assigned to Bokuto Stations Traffic Division. On her first day she got into trouble with them after trying to make a big impression by making the Traffic Division office neat unwittingly getting rid of many personal belongings from others while she is at it. In the first few days of work she scorned her colleagues and superior for being lax in their duties in the office and constantly reminds them of their responsibilities as police officers even though Natsumi and Miyuki advised her to relax a bit since she was taking police work too personal. As time went on Saori had learned to accept them and became fast friends with her Bokuto station coworkers especially with Natsumi and Miyuki. When she noticed that Miyuki wanted to break up her partnership with Natsumi Saori was the only persistent one in convincing her to amend their ties since she couldnt see to see her get depressed over Natsumis supposed selection into the Special Assault Team. She is Miyukis new partner before being transferred to a different station. Source: Wikipedia