Ninger Xiao

Start 15 Currently Race: Human Hair Color: Ginger Eye Color: Light brown/Hazel Soul Realm: Green One of the students in the fighter apprentice class with Nie Li. She is a member of the noble Winged Dragon family. One of the main motivations behind her strong determination in training is her wish to escape from an arranged marriage between her and the Sacred Familys Shen Fei who she despise and hate. She is described as having shoulder length black hair and a slim figure The Manhua varies from this by showing her with long brownish orange hair. She is a cold and antisocial beauty. Her personality is that of a serious student unyielding woman with a strong determination. She is very grateful to Nie Li for giving her the ability to oppose her arranged marriage with her newfound powers and for curing her of the Arctic disease before the worst happened. She was the first woman to start loving Nie Li in his rebirth life. Abilities and Equipment: