The section chief of Bokuto Stations Traffic Control Department is usually referred to simply as chief kach. His name was first revealed to indeed spell Kachou kach lit. Flower butterfly in the second season by his monk uncle a.k.a. FOX. He is a stern but fair leader who uses a relaxed touch to keep his team of misfit officers in line. Natsumi had a longstanding crush on him before she met Toukairin. Though he allows his subordinates to do as they normally please in the station he reminds them of their priorities as police officers. In the movie he got in trouble with Superintendent Arizuka when he was linked to Emoto who was suspected of starting the HachiIchiGo Bee Number 1 crisis in the Greater Tokyo Area. First stripped off his command and thrown into a cell by Arizuka due to suspicion of coercing with Emoto he eventually disclosed details regarding both Emoto and Project HachiIchiGo as well as the fact that Emoto severed connections with him as well. During the final confrontation in Tokyo Tower Emoto shot him in the leg reinforcing the fact that he was not Emotos accomplice. He uses a Honda NSX as his personal car when doing police work in the OVA. In the rest of the series he uses a Honda Legend. Source: Wikipedia