Touka Shishigaya

A sniper. Her mother is German her father American. Growing up Touka learned selfdefense techniques and riflery from her father a former soldier and his comrades she was the youngest ever winner of a shooting competition in her hometown. In the wake of her mothers death she spent two years attached to a PMC private military contractor alongside her father. She can be extraordinarily belligerent and sometimes breaks into outbursts of violence. She is in short a classic tsundere. Though infinitely curious about the world she has a pragmatic side too: she wont tolerate any nonsense. She possesses a measure of shrewdness and inner strength that belies her cute childish exterior. Whenever she was left home alone as a child Touka would shove a shotgun in the face of any coldcaller who came knocking shes since become known for her shyness around strangers. She tends to take an instant dislike to anyone she meets. Shes clearly desperate to be regarded as a friend by others though however little effort she exerts in this regard herself. Shes basically pretty bad at making friends. She also has a bit of a complex about her small stature and its to compensate for this that she tries to act all grownup.