Rena Fukami

A gunwoman whos charged with shooting on Harutos behalf due to his personal distaste for firearms. Renas a lively girl amiable and warm in her dealings with just about everybody. Shes tall and wellproportioned her limbs smooth and powerful. She makes sure to stay healthy and active. Rena has a strong sense of responsibility and tends to be quite cautious shes always scanning the environment for threats. Her loyalty to Haruto her Master and the docility she demonstrates around him are most notable. However skilled Rena is physically she struggles quite a bit in the classroom. When told off she quickly grows timid she has a good appetite for learning nonetheless and responds well to praise. She favors an M1911style pistol and lets loose about two hundred rounds every day. Rena also has a tendency towards obsession. Once she develops an interest in a handgun she cant make do with any other weapon until the heft of that particular gun is ingrained in her senses. Though law enforcement agencies having summarily dismissed the superiority of .45 ammo Rena obstinately persists in using it even going so far as to get lightweight bullets specially manufactured by the school gunsmith. She has a motorcycle license and when shes feeling particularly ravenous shell often sneak out in the middle of the night for ramen.