Fuuka Shirato

Fuuka Shirato is the Welding Wild Dance Enlightened. One of Yajiros former comrades she was the only one who called him quotTiger.quot During the rebels march on Tento while crossing the treacherous Mt. Charanbo Yajiro was unable to save her after she fell off a cliff and she was presumed dead. However the Jester saved her from her fall and caused an Enlightened Evil gun to assimilate with her thus making her and the weapon one and the same. He later took Fuuka to the capital where she met Tenshi Setsuna Oomido in disguise who revealed that her and the rebels goal of uniting all lands was the same thus securing her loyalty. After she discovers that the Jester is her former leader the Mountain Templar Fuuka uses her Enlightened Evil gun to defend Yajiro from his attack. However the resulting blast pushes both of them over a cliff. In a repetition of their previous situation this time Fuuka tells Yajiro to fulfill his goal his own way and jerks her hand out of his causing her to fall to her death. In the manga she is replaced with Suguhathe sister of Yajiros clan leader. wikipedia