Hazuki Kagimura

The main protagonst of the series a 15yearold high school student who is painfully shy and socially inept and as a result of this she has no friends or even a love interest. She is very imaginative and a dedicated fan of fantasy fiction traits which were ingrained by her mother who died when Hazuki was still little and whenever she is upset she immediately finds herself a story book to immerse herself in a condition Hazuki refers to as Story Syndrome. One day after school Hazuki comes across a cloaked figure Shizuka in disguise and decides to follow her to an unused library. Hazuki is then transported to another world where she is told that she is a Mage a Maedchen aka: A Book User. Hazuki transfers to Kuzunoha Girls Magic Academy to become a proper mage. She is contracted to the original book of Cinderella. Source: Wikipedia