Taisuke Kanou

叶 太輔

A teenage boy who is bold, confident and who is not afraid to stick up for his friends. Under his out-going and confident personality, he lives with guilt because he feels it was his fault that his parents died. Since his parents death, he has been raised and looked after by his older sister. He's one of the few people who is unaffected by the virus and is the protagonist of the story.

A juice box which Taisuke had dropped as a young child, had jammed the brakes of the car and inadvertently caused the car accident that killed his parents. After the death of his parents, he was raised by his older sister Yoko Kanou. He is one of the few people who gain a special ability after being infected with Akur. He sets out to find his missing friends, Hirose and Megumi, when they disappear. He meets up with Yuta and Nami, two other people with abilities. At the end of part 1 of the manga, it's revealed that Taisuke's ability is actually the ability "to regenerate and exterminate", however Taisuke's ability to create fire remains unexplained. In the second arc, Taisuke, saved by the Tezuka Family, has lost his memory of his fight with Yuichi Hirose. He vaguely remembers Nami and Yuta yet regains his memory soon after his sister arrives. With Taisuke's memory returned, Yukie Tesuka asks him to retrieve the "Heart of Akuro" before returning home. The "Heart of Akuro" seems to be in some sort of military research facility with soldiers guarding the place. Taisuke proceeds into the base with Ray Tezuka and Nami but are intercepted by D4. The team, wounded by rubber bullets from the D4, is captured. Taisuke melts his handcuffs and escapes. D4 tries to shoot him again with rubber bullets but they are melted by a special ability. They proceed to find the "Heart of Akuro". The rock (a fusion of Hirose and the "Heart of Akuro") reacts with Taisuke. As he approaches the rock, it uses Hirose's ability and creates holes injuring and killing some of the soldiers. He is stopped by Aoi Tezuka when she warns him that all ability users will die after touching the "Heart of Akuro". The plan fails but everyone successfully escapes. Taisuke goes to stay at Nami's house as he doesn't want to return home until he has dealt with Hirose. He is determined to kill Hirose, stating that he isn't the same as before. Taisuke receives a message from Michele - a paper with a flower that he once gave Megumi before his fight with Hirose. Taisuke is satisfied with her being safe, not knowing that she is in the hands of Shigeki Katsumata.