Kagari Hinata

日向 華々莉
Kagari is a girl with a playfully cruel nature taking delight in teasing and tormenting her targets to the point of sadism. She is also downright callous showing no remorse when torturing or murdering people nor for any of the deaths she is indirectly responsible for and shows no empathy for others. Kagari is a force to be reckoned with when she turns angry often lashing out violently she is also capable of holding extreme grudges like the one she holds towards Suzune Amano for killing her caretaker Tsubaki Mikoto and will do anything she can to get revenge even turning herself into a witch if it means she can take out her targets. In the past Kagari is seen as more serious and easily irritated this might come from having to take care of her sister Matsuri Hinata who was blind at the time. In the present Kagari appears to have a soft spot for her choosing to knock her unconscious and carry her to her bedroom rather than kill her like she did with Arisa however Kagari doesnt hesitate to try and kill Matsuri when she gets in the way of her goals.