Arisa Narumi

成見 亜里紗

Arisa is confident yet hotheaded, and tends to be rather brash. In the past, she used to be more self-deprecating and timid, wearing a more demure hairstyle to suit, but become more hot-headed, carefree, and outwardly self-confident some time after making her wish. As well as this, Arisa became a rule-breaker, often truanting, and even beating up other students. However, while Arisa kept up a confident facade, she was depressed because she was lonely; that is, until she met Chisato and eventually became one of the Hoozuki magical girls, where she grew out of her loneliness thanks to her new friendships.

Despite her haughty attitude, Arisa can be kind and caring at times, although she sometimes displays reluctance at this. She also appears to be rather laid-back and lazy, though she loves fights; she is also rather carefree at times.

Despite their clashing personalities, she is very close to Chisato, likely due to being Arisa's first friend. Arisa becomes very distraught after Chisato's death, becoming angrier and more hot-headed, as well as more sorrowful in private, and regressing back to her previous rule-breaking and beating up of other students; she also grows an extreme hatred towards Suzune for killing Chisato and attempts to kill her in revenge via a duel to the death.

Not much is known of Arisa's home-life.

She used to be a victim of bullying, being bullied by a trio of girls led by Mika Nishinaka. The girls did things like stuffing trash in and writing graffiti on Arisa's desk, stealing her money, and beating her up. Arisa appeared to not to have help from anyone, with people apparently avoiding her and outright saying they were glad that she was being targeted instead of them, despite pitying her and showing sympathy. When approached by Kyubey, Arisa asked for the strength to stand up to the bullies, and thus confronted and drove them off when she crushed Mika's hand in her own. Arisa then proceeded to put them in the hospital as revenge; it can be assumed that they left her alone after that.

However, Arisa became more troublesome along with her new confidence. She became a truant, often skipping school to play games in the arcade, disobeyed the rules often and did things such as ate and drank in class, and became a bully of others herself. While Arisa kept up a confident facade, she was depressed because she was still lonely; she had thought becoming strong would change that, but nothing changed.

Because of this, after confronting and being beaten by Chisato in a fight during their first meeting, Arisa asked Chisato to kill her. However, Chisato told her that Arisa's loneliness was not because of her strength, but because of her personality, and offered Arisa to join the group. Arisa refused at first, claiming she "wasn't good with people", but eventually caved and joined the Hoozuki magical girls. Thus Arisa shed her loneliness due to her new friendships, and some of her more rebellious traits due to Chisato. She holds Chisato in high regard because of their meeting.