Taiga Sengoku

仙石 大雅
Measurements: BustWaistHips: 675372cm Birthday: 29 July Hair: Black Braid Curly Long Parted to Side Eyes: Blue Body: AA Cup Kid Olive Short Slim Clothes:Hair Flower Sailor Suit School Uniform Personality: Arrogant Blunt Genius Loner Spoiled Watashi Role: Cousin Elementary School Student Ojousama Pet Owner Transfer Student First cousin to Sengoku Ichiru and an elementary student in Mihama Academys sapper school. Taigas always lived a pampered life having grown up as heiress to the Sengoku estate. Shes a quickwitted and intelligent girl as evidenced by the fact that shes already passed her university entrance exams. With all the expectations heaped on her its only natural that Taiga should come across as a little arrogant. This is one of the reasons why she tends to keep her distance from other people though shes quite happy on her own. Rena calls her The Milquik Master following a serendipitous encounter back when she first arrived at Mihama. Taiga is intent on participating in activities that are usually closed to children of her stature she cares little for age restrictions nor other peoples opinions of her. Eventually her persistence pays off when Haruto finally heeds her request to join Class A. Kujirase... Where am I to be allowed out into the field?