Vanilla Inagaki

稲垣 バニラ
Hair: Blond Curly Shoulderlength Twin Tails Eyes: Blue Body: Pale Slim Teen Clothes: Bracelet Gyaru Headband Leg Warmers Ribbon Hair Accessory Items: Handgun Personality: Proactive Serious Shorttempered Smart Watashi Role: American High School Student Older Sister Spy Tsukkomi Twin Sister Twin sisters and students at one of SORDs other campuses Keihin Sakuragaoka. The two agents hail from Alaska where they used to assist the security services in cracking down on drugs and weapons smugglers and the Russian mafia. It seems that the younger of the two Choco was once good friends with Rena. Dont yawn like that while youre on the job. This is an escort mission be a little more vigilant wont you?