Ayame Amasaki

天咲 彩愛
Height: 160cm BustWaistHips: 92????cm Hair: Brown Bun Hair Loopies Sidehair Side Tail Twin Tails V Bangs Eyes: Garnet Body: Average Height G Cup Pale Slim Teen Personality: Assertive Atashi Carefree Deredere Energetic Friendly Mischievous Otaku Pervert Stylish Sweets Lover Role: Classmate High School Student Older Sister Popular Hobbies: Games cosplay watching anime Likes: People shes attached to sweet things Dislikes: Maths painful things Shinobuhttps://anilist.co/character/125517s classmate who fell in love with him at first sight. While she looks like a gyaru she is in fact a diehard otaku which she became after watching a latenight anime series. She consumes the otaku culture through many ways anime manga games cosplay chatting through the internet and so on. Ayame is disappointed how Shinobu has left his otaku life behind and she thinks its her job to fix things back now that she has more opportunities to do so thanks to his real erogelike life. Ayame is a very friendly girl who gets along with anyone and always full of energy one could compare her to a puppy. She loves teasing others and seeing their reactions as well. She also likes cooking and is quite good at it. Because Ayame wants Shinobu to be crazy for her she goes after him with all kinds of perverted and extreme ways.