Kanna Miyanoue

宮之上 環奈
Height: 165cm BustWaistHips: 84????cm Hair: Black Sidehair Straight Waist Length Eyes: Blue Body: Average Height C Cup Pale Slim Teen Personality: Coodere Deredere Emotional Jealous Kind Sensitive Shy Watashi Role: Classmate High School Student Popular Hobbies: Listening to music Likes: Hanging out with her favorite people milk Dislikes: Onesided conversations sticky food Shinobuhttps://anilist.co/character/125517s popular classmate who despite of her cool apperance is actually a bit jealous and shy. However she is very popular because of her gap moe. She became friends with Shinobu after a certain incident and she is very shy around him. Unlike the people around her she is quite naive and innocent about sex and perverted things in general. However during sex Kannas hidden sadistic tendencies and personality show up completely.