Alien (Subordinate)

The Aliens are a group of aliens who observe Becky from orbit of the Earth. They are often involved in numerous silly antics but seem to be adhere to a code of noninterference with the humans. Ichijo and her sister are the only ones who know about them. Their ship looks almost exactly like an upside down Musai from Mobile Suit Gundam whose design was derived from an upsidedown USS Enterprise NCC1701 and the characters randomly transform into or have their reflections in the ship turn into characters from Star Trek including the alien captain as Captain JeanLuc Picard. This is a reference to the fact that Mugihito voiced Picard in the Japanese dub of Star Trek. At points the bridge of their ship is an exact replica of the EnterpriseDs. For a time Ichijo was involved romantically with the captain but eventually their code of noninterference forced them to end their relationship. The aliens seem to be modeled slightly after Zeons mobile suits a trait that is further shown by the command antenna on the captains head. Wikipedia