Ren Matsunaga Ameria

松永 A. 恋
Height: 165cm BustWaistHips: 86????cm Hair: V Bangs Waist Length White Eyes: Violet Body: Average Height D Cup Pale Slim Teen Personality: Bookworm Hardworker Otaku Outgoing Watashi Role: Gamer HalfJapanese High School Student School Extraordinary Club Member Senpai Student Council President Hobbies: Reading Likes: Anime manga games cosplay Bgrade gourmet food Dislikes: Carbonated drinks conversations with people who try to flatter her The halfJapanese student council president who is almost considered a goddess due to being able to handle all kinds of household chores without breaking a sweat and for her beautiful looks and personality. However she is secretly an otaku and a member of the 2D club. She is quite interested in Shinobu due to their same hobbies and thinks their hearts can be connected as one through them. Ren wants to be of help to Shinobu in any way and is even willing to offer herself as his partner. However she might completely change her mind if he decides to go out with someone else...