Haruka Nogizaka

乃木坂春香, Nuit Étoilée, Lumière du Clavier
Birthday:Oct 20
Blood Type:A
Birthday: October 20th Height: 155cm B/W/H: 83/54/81 Haruka is the female main character and is Yuutos classmate. She is idolized at school due to her beauty and intelligence and is regarded as the schools most unattainable girl. In fact at school she is known by the French nicknames Nuit toile The Silver Star of the Night and Lumire du Clavier The Shining Princess on the Piano. She is very skilled at playing the piano and has taken overall victories in international contests. She also has a gentle personality is a natural airhead and is quite clumsy. Her deep hidden secret is that she is a major otaku and loves anime and manga. In middle school her secret was exposed and she received a certain amount of prejudice towards it which caused her to keep it a secret once she entered high school. When Yuuto finds out about it Haruka is relieved that he does not tell anyone or harass her about it. She also comes from a rich family and privileged upbringing so her interest in the otaku subculture is looked down upon due to her status in society which is another reason why she keeps it a secret. Source: Wikipedia