Lefiya Viridis

レフィーヤ・ウィリディス, Thousand Elf (千の妖精, Sauzando Erufu)
Race: Elf Height: 156 cm 51 Affiliation: Loki Familia Level: 4 Skills: Fairy Canon Double Canon Magic: Arcs Ray Fusillade Fallarica Elf Ring Weapon: Forests Teardrop Lefiya Viridis is a second class adventurer and a member of the Loki Familia. She is a mage training to succeed Riveria Ljos Alf. She has a magic that allows her to use any Elf Magic hence the alias Thousand Elf. Sometime in the past Lefiya was an honor student at the School leveling up after three years at eleven years of age. After graduating she joined the Loki Familia at Level 2 and leveled up a year later. Lefiya is clumsy but hard working. She occasionally zones out as her imagination runs rampant. She has a deep admiration for Ais and through her admiration aims to become stronger so that she can stand next to Ais as an equal. She is often jealous of Bell due to his interactions with Ais. Lefiya maintains her elven pride but is more open than normal Elves due to her own kind nature and growing up surrounded by people from other races. Lefiya struggled with her own worth as a member of the Loki Familia having low confidence self doubt and other problems that began to get better once she befriended Filvis and learned concurrent chanting. Having a fear of being left completely alone due to her ineptitude she highly valued her relationships especially with Ais and Filvis. She can also mix between being kind and mean quickly as she frequently switched between trying to harass Bell being nice to him holding a grudge against him and also excusing him.