アズサ Super Azusa (スーパーアズサ)
Azusa is set at a point a few decades in the future where school baseball teams are not only coed but also allow a couple specialpurpose quotsports robotsquot for the teams with the money to buy them. The team our protagonists belong to is anything but rich though and the manager is an old man who thinks sports robots are an abomination to the game anyway. Tired of losing to teams with robots and one player short of a complete team regardless one of the guys on the team goes to buy a sports robotbut he finds the only kind of robot he can afford is an outofdate maid robot from back in the day before a law was passed banning humanlooking robots. Azusa the robot he buys is still in working ordershe039s earnest cute and determined to do what she can. But while she039s great at making the team039s clubhouse spotless when it comes to baseball she has no idea how to play... From there the team goes to training camp finally starts to play hard and believe in themselves Azusa has some surprises up her sleeve.