Lillie is a girl who loves Pokmon but is unable to touch them after moving away to another mansion with her mother and brother. Upon her return she inexplicably was frightened of Pokmon and will either jump away or froze like a statue though some feel that she is terrified of them. Despite her fears Lillie loves to leave food out for various Pokmon to eat. Her knowledge of Pokmon is top notch. Lillie was so scared of touching Pokmon that she had to wear a suit to ride Pokmon. Lillie decided to take one step at a time to get over her fear of touching Pokmon. Initially she was only comfortable with her Alolan Vuplix Snowy but managed to touch Ashs Pikachu without hesitation later on and even ride a Stoutland without repercussions. However after her memories came back regarding Silvally saving her she was able to touch all Pokmon without being scared. She pays close attention to details which was shown when she noticed the details in the recording tape of Rotoms and proved Kiawes innocence. Lillie is rebellious towards her mother Lusamine upon their reunion and like Brock she also shows her angry and disdain because of her ditzy behavior and also causes a fell out between the two and became annoyed when she keeps doting on her.