小狼, Xiaolang, Little Puppy
Birthday:Apr 1
Age: 14 Birthday: April 1st Relatives: Fujitaka adoptive father Clow Reed distant relative Residence: Kingdom of Clow Syaoran is the name given to two distinct yet related fictional characters from CLAMP crossover manga series Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and xxxHOLiC and their subsequent anime adaptations. Both characters serve as main protagonists in the former series and as guest characters in the latter. The manga version of Syaoran is based on an earlier character with the same name in the Cardcaptor Sakura series Syaoran Syaoran knows nothing about his origin or his true purpose and aimlessly wanders the streets where hes eventually found by the archaeologist Fujitaka At that time Syaoran had no name no memories of his past and was blind in his right eye. Fujitaka readily adopts him as a son and names him Syaoran. The two travel to many countries for excavation work which leads Syaoran to meet Princess Sakura of Clow Country. Even though Syaoran is blunt and emotionless Sakura takes an immediate interest in him. Her kind heart and open personality draws Syaoran to her and she very quickly becomes the thing Syaoran cherishes most in life. He is known for his kind nature and his calm determination. At the beginning Syaoran does not have any magical power but is an excellent martial artist and an aspiring archaeologist with extensive knowledge of various languages histories and artifacts. Syaorans facial features comprise of brown facelength hair that is slightly spiked it is arranged in a very basic manner. He has brown eyes. He has fairly regular build for a person his age a lithesome body being slightly shorter than Kurogane In contrast to his brown hair he has olivebrown skin complexion. After Sakuras heart is transformed into feathers and scattered throughout dimensions Syaoran is sent to Yuuko Ichihara by Yukito To gather her feathers he has to pay a price in the form of the thing he cherishes the most his relationship with Sakura. Hes told that even if Sakura regains all her feathers she will never remember him or any of the memories they shared together prior to her feathers being scattered. Hell do whatever it takes to protect her even if it means sacrificing his relationship with her. Syaorans relationship with Sakura has had a major impact on his life. Throughout the series there are flashbacks of important turning points in his life that revolve around his relationship with her such as Sakura giving him a birthday so he can have one April 1st previously not having one smiling for the first time and learning to say thank you instead of sorry when someone worries about him. Her smile has a powerful impact on him and Syaoran has told his father that when he sees Sakura smile his chest is filled with warmth. In Horitsuba Gakuen he is Syaoran twin brother who likes Sakura. Source: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Wiki