Chika Minazuki

水無月 ちか
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Dark Brown although in the manga it gets lighter and lighter each volume she is in First Appearance Manga: Vol.7 page 35 quotWardrobe Malfunctionquot count: 5 Taeko039s younger cousin. During the summer she spends most of her time working in a cafe down by the beach. Because of this she039s very tanned except for tanlines caused by her swimsuit. She notices that Taeko has a crush on Kaoru and spends a lot of time trying to fix the two of them up. She gets a crush on Karou a few chapters after her first appearance. On another note she039s seen naked several times during the seasons by him. A student in her first year of high school she is energetic and often times finds herself in Kaoru039s bed thinking it039s her own. She has her own Kaoru doll she carries around and a small book with a picture of the two of them. Chika is one of three members in the Swiming Club the other two are her friends Natuki Komiya and Chizuru Aizawa. Chika039s given name means quotnearquot.