자하드, ザハード, Zahard, King of the Tower
Species: Human Gender: Male Born: Outside Age: Older than his Empire Height: 240 cm Hair color: Yellow Eye color: Orange Position: Fisherman Rank: Ranker High Ranker 3 Currently Occupation: Ruler and King of The Tower Jahad Jahadeu is the famed King of the Tower and the most famous and greatest being residing inside he is like a god to the inhabitants of the Tower. He is a High Ranker currently retaining the 3rd spot in the ranking and the overarching ruler of Jahads Floors and founder of the Jahad Empire while still conquering the Tower. Infamous for his prevailing immortality he has become the prime target of FUG. After the events of the Hidden Floor Jahad came out of hibernation and is active once again making him the highest ranked Active Ranker in the Tower right above Urek Mazinohttps://anilist.co/character/124137/UrekMazino. Due to his actions Jahad can be considered the primary antagonist of the series. Source: Tower of God Fandom