Satori Tendo

天童 覚, Guess Monster

Age: 18
Date of birth: May 20
Height: 187.7cm (6' 1.9")
Weight: 71.1kg (156.7 lbs)
Home town: Miyagi Prefecture
Home country: Japan
Shounen Jump
Chocolate Ice Cream
Cute Actresses
Jumping Reach: 327 cm

Satori Tendō is a third year middle blocker in Shiratorizawa Academy. He is often referred to as Guess Monster by other teams. He is cheerful and loud, though a bit sardonic. Tendō enjoys teasing both his teammates and opponents, usually annoying the latter. However, when he gets into the game, he becomes a different, more intimidating person, relishing the look of defeat on people's faces when they are denied. He has a high success rate with this blocking style due to his analytical skills and predictions, thus he is confident in his abilities . He also greatly values the fun aspect of volleyball.

As an elementary student, he was called a monster for his looks also probably due to the meaning of his name (Satori refers to a Yokai) and was told he couldn't join the volleyball team by other students because of that. Using his guess block, he was able to block the spike of one of his bullies. This event made him feel happy and he continued to use his unique blocking technique to feel that way again despite much opposition until high school. Since his guess block got a lot of points, the Shiratorizawa coach let him join the team without resistance.