The first Flgel created by Artosh and Representative of the Council of Eighteen Wings. As such her title allows her to have first say in emergencies. She calls Jibril her little sister. During the war she conveyed Artoshs will among other Flgel. After the war she passed the law in which Flgel shared books among each other. Azriel has a somewhat split personality being peppy and bubbly to a cold relentless state. Prior to Jibrils creation Azriel was merciless and considered other Flgel expendable afterwards however she turned into a sister figure when Jibril came to be. Even so she continues to have a condescending attitude towards lower exceed races. She is extremely powerful as the first Flgel to be created being able to pull off many feats. This is further enhanced by her mental connection with Avant Heim while also being its representative. Even with her strength Jibril considers Azriel to be rather stupid compared to other Flgel. Despite this Azriel is clever when it comes to mind games and deception. What she lacks is an understanding of learning trying and failing preventing her from learning from her mistakes.