Koichi Haimawari

灰廻航一, The Crawler,Hauler,Cruller,Nice Guy

Age: 19
Birthday: February 12
Height: 172 cm (5'8")
Occupation: Vigilante
Quirk: Slide and Glide (allows the user to project a repulsive force from their hands and feet)

Koichi has an easy-going, mild-mannered personality. He is very generous and does not seem to expect anything from other people in return. He dreams of being able to become a recognized hero and is shown to enjoy the vigilante work that he does. He is very willing to do the less glamorous jobs, such as cleaning up trash and does not seem to think that these are negative aspects of being a hero or vigilante.

His costume consists of his normal clothes in conjunction with an All Might-haired hooded jacket, a black mask covering his face, red sunglasses, and bike protective gear.

Unbeknownst to Koichi, he and Kazuho share a history. Koichi had once saved Kazuho when she fell into a river. He would give the drenched Kazuho his limited edition All Might hoodie and run off to his entrance exam for a high school that specialized in superheroics. Because he chose to save her, Koichi ended up missing the exam and return to his hometown.

(Source: Wikia)