Jacopo Bearzatti


From year: 1869

A twenty-six-year-old businessman who has invested in the budding rail industry. Ruthless and proud, Jacopo will readily toss aside anything and take advantage of anyone in order to further his own ambitions. Having clawed his way to the top in a world where the language is deceit and manipulation, Jacopo cannot even trust his own wife. There are only two things in life he can believe in: money and power.

Just where will the rail industry—in which he has staked his entire livelihood—take him?

"How many times are you gonna make me repeat myself, you worthless tramp? Are those ears only for show?"

(Source: VNDB)

It is revealed in the eighth door that before becoming the lord, Jacopo was the slave young man who saved Morgana from the previous lord who mutilated her body to extract blood. Jacopo cared deeply for Morgana, constantly promising her to one day showing her the world, buying expensive ointments to treat her face and being a close friend to her. After two years after meeting her, he realized he has romantic feelings for Morgana, which he chose to do nothing about them because of the age gap between them until she turns sixteen. While celebrating Morgana's twelve birthday, the brothel where Morgana was being cared was invaded by bandits. Jacopo tries to confront them but instead, he was getting stabbed and soon lost consciousness. When he finally regains consciousness, he realizes Morgana got abducted. Feeling utterly broken, Jacopo had accused himself of what happened. Feeling completely powerless, Jacopo decides to arrange a revolution to take the lord's head out of hope to make the world better after Morgana was gone. After succeeding in doing so, Jacopo became the new lord. While Jacopo was doing what he thought was best for his people in the poverty areas, his friends thought he's doing exactly the opposite. It was when his friends were trying to assassinate him and his counselor that he finally began to lose sight of who he truly is, leading him down the path of self-destructive. Burying his feelings for the friends he once had and his past, trying to forget his feelings for Morgana who he believed was dead, Jacopo focused on over-working himself to make the city prosper- slavedriver the people he was initially tried to save from poverty when he first became the lord in the process, which adds more hatred towards him.
After hearing rumors about a mysteries witch with healing qualities' blood, Jacopo ordered Yukimasa to capture her alive and bring her to him so he could use her body for selling her blood. When the witch turned out to be Morgana, Jacopo's self-conscious as the lord began to waver. Shaken by the fact Morgana confuses him to be the previous lord who used to torture her, he decides to go along with his plan to sell her blood as a remedy, choosing to once again burry every shred of 'Jacopo' in him and continue being the lord.
It was when even his most close friend- Maria decides to try to assassinate him, leaving behind her the gift he was meant to give Morgana as the slave young man on her twelve birthday that he reaches his breakpoint. In his madness, Jacopo comes to see Morgana, thinking he could deceive himself and pretend to be the boy he used to be and confess his true feelings to her- only to realize Morgana's mental state was damaged beyond repair and that she couldn't understand a thing of what he said to her. Just when he decides to finally set Morgana free and to end his life along with her, the tragedy of the witch' blood begin to unfold. Confused by the so many deaths around him, Jacopo got caught and slew by rebels who were bursting the church to chase after his head. In his last moments, Jacopo finally remembers Morgana's words to him about her wanting to see their homeland. It was only then he realizes he didn't have to go so far for becoming the lord and he should have listened to her words... for he failed to keep the things which were most important to him.