Nono Morikubo

Full of negativity and terrified of everything in the world Nono is halfhearted about her decision to become an idol. She has considered discontinuing her idol career but stops herself when she panics about all of the bad things that could happen if she quits. She admittedly has feelings for the Producer but is always unable to voice this opinion. However its through the Producers encouragement that she gains the strength to continue. Nono hides under tables or inside closets. When she trusts the Producer she specifically hides under his desk for protection. For a while it seemed in the tiein comics that Nono was becoming more outgoing and confident though she kept her generally displeased expression. Then a Yonkoma featuring her in a squirrel costume revealed that shes putting a lot of effort into faking to become normal. While Nono is too afraid to make close friends she has appeared often with both Mirei Hayasaka and Syoko Hoshi. Nono also appears to have a catchphrase: Though Id rather . The blank is filled in with something safe and opposite of what shes doing. For example: be at home hide under the bed avoid crowds etc. Her other catchphrase is its impossible... or no waaaay.... Additionally Nono alternates between talking in the first person and calling herself Morikubo. Starlight Stage reveals that Nono was introduced into idoldom by her uncle when she helped him fill in for an absentee during a photoshoot. She didnt plan on becoming an idol and almost gave up immediately but the Producer convinced her that it wasnt impossible. In the tiein Cinderella Girls Theater skits Nono is clearly terrified of everything and isnt even able to complete her introduction by herself. Her lack of confidence almost wants her to stop being an idol. She usually hides under the Producers desk to avoid work but has been caught by Rina Fujimoto and Cathy Graham. She found out the beginnings of Halloween from a shojo manga and seems to have experience with baking and working with sweets. She acts like a squirrel in an animal related event believing that it was the animal that most suited her due to its solitude and hiding abilities. Source: iMS Wiki