Elhaym Van Houten

エレハイム・ヴァン・ホーテン, Elly, Elhaym Van Houten
Lieutenant Elehayym Van Houten nicknamed Elly is the deuteragonist and a playable character of Xenogears. In the beginning of Xenogears Elly is the young skilled officer of the Solaris Military known as Gebler and is part of Geblers Aveh branch. She is the lieutenant of Ignas Armys Third Assault Division and leads a squad. After much persuasion by Fei Fong Wong Elly leaves the military coming to terms with the truth of Solaris actions and goals. As a Solarian Elly is a 1st Class Gazel citizen and lives a very privileged life compared to the rest of Solaris and her parents are pure Solarians. Her mother is Medena Van Houten and her father is Erich Van Houten who works on the Imperial Guard.