Auel Neider

Name: Auel Neider Age:16 Nationality:Atlantic Federation Known relatives:Motherunknown Deceased First appearance:Gundam seed destiny episode 1 Last appearance:episode 28 Mobile weapons: ZGMFX31S Abyss Fighting Technique: In the fight against ZAFT guards at the Armory One Auels movements in battle very closely resemble the Gun Kata technique. Biography Auel along with Sting Oakley and Stella Loussier are the three Extended pilots of the Earth Alliances special forces team Phantom Pain. He is the most impulsive and brutal of the three killing his enemies mercilessly and even laughing crazily when he kills people. Together with his comrades he sneaks into the PLANT colony Armory One where he steals one of the three new Gundamtype mobile suits the ZGMFX31S Abyss. He uses the heavily armed suit to wreak havoc inside the colony killing many ZAFT soldiers. He is later involved in two other battles in space the first in the debris belt the second on the remnants of the destroyed PLANT colony Junius Seven. After the start of the Second Bloody Valentine War Auel and the rest of Phantom Pain go to Earth. They are involved in several battles against the ZAFT ship Minerva but are met with no great success. However Auel does manage to sink one Vosgulov class submarine which came to the aid of the Minerva. Auel and his two comrades later investigate the ZAFTcontrolled city Diokia where the three meet enemies Shinn Asuka and Athrun Zala for the first time neither party realizes who the other is. When ZAFT discovers a laboratory in Lodonia Auel recalls that his mother was stationed there and promptly begins to freak out. Because of his psychological conditioning he is rendered helpless when he hears his blockword in his case the word mother. Auel in his confusion says it out loud to himself and collapses in tears. The doctors on the ship quickly move to readjust his mentality. During a fight against the Minerva at the Dardanelles the Abyss is damaged by the ZGMFX10A Freedom but it is quickly repaired. Shortly after Stella is captured and taken on board the Minerva Auel and Sting had all of their memories of her erased. The latter recalled nothing but Auel felt that something was missing suggesting that his amnesia was not complete. During the Battle of Crete his suit is destroyed by Shinn Asuka when he uses the beam javelin of his ZGMFX56S/ Blast Impulse to stab directly into the abdomen of the Abyss causing it to crash into the sea. The Abyss explodes under water shortly after bloodmixed water filled Auels helmet confirming his death. In the Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge manga the few short moments before his death were expanded on. As he sees the ocean through the cracks in the cockpit he suddenly remembers a person that loved the ocean and fish. He then realizes that it was Stella and all his memories of her flood back to him. He was then confused about why he had been unable to remember her for such a long time. Pondering more he starts to feel sorry for her for dying as she was so afraid of death he did not know that she actually was still alive. At this point the Abyss hits the bottom of the ocean and explodes killing Auel. This is significantly different from the anime in which Auel is knocked unconscious with blood filling his helmet before he dies. Also in the anime the time between the Abyss explosion and it being knocked underwater is greatly shorter than the manga. edit Block word Auels block word is Mother probably because his caregiver was one of the staff that was killed in the struggle. When the word is said around him or he says it himself he suffers from flashbacks of his childhood. Auel is very protective of his mother and goes into shock whenever she is mentioned. Shown mainly in episode 25 when the Lab is found by ZAFT Auel often used Stella as a weapon by saying her block word: die or any word relating to death when the trio is in trouble. On the contrary however he is also shown to be at least somewhat protective of her. When lowranking Earth Alliance soldiers attempt to abduct Stella for an unknown reason he attacks them nearly knocking out one and threatens them in case they do not stop. Trivia Before the release of Gundam SEED Destiny anime news sites have said Richard Ian Cox would portray Auel in the English dub. The mistake was noted when Swailes name was credited though it has yet to be corrected. In the Suit CDs he is featured in Volume 7 along with the two other Extendeds. The audio drama clip has them discussing about basketball.