クロニコ, Cronico
Race: Human Hair: Dark blue Eye Color: Dark blue Occupation: Shabo seller Chroniko is a character and a body Kaiba uses. Shes introduced selling Shabo in a crowded marketplace on her home planet. Chroniko usually covers her long hair with a floppyeared white hat wears a mint green crop top and pale blue pants giving off the impression of being too small for her body. She adores the pink rain boots her aunt Negi bought and wears them everywhere. Before she was given her boots she walked barefoot. In Negis memories Chroniko is shown to have grown up with her mother Moka and her aunt as her caretakers in a loving and caring environment. At one point all three were able to play the piano together. At a young age. Chroniko is kind hardworking and dedicated to her family. She doesnt seem to realize the intense disdain Negi feels towards her. Shes confident in her plan to sell her body to financially support her family. Before her body is taken Hyohyo places Kaibas mind inside her body. Kaiba uses this disguise to avoid capture and to get back aboard Neuron. Source: Kaiba Wiki edited