Goblin Slayer

ゴブリンスレイヤー, Orcbolg, Beard-cutter

The series' main character, an experienced silver ranked adventurer who only concerns himself with hunting goblins. The jobs he takes merely involve goblins and he takes no interest in others. His appearance is not as glamorous or elegant due to using equipment that would seem lacking for an adventurer of his rank. He wears a gray suit of grubby leather armor, with chainmail underneath, a small buckler shield with a sharpened rim attached on his left forearm. His weapon is a sword of strange length, of cheap quality, which he carries in a makeshift scabbard, allowing him to place swords of any shape he salvages. Due to the excellent sense of smell goblins possess, Goblin Slayer has a habit of neglecting the cleanliness of his armor, as clean equipment would reek of metal, which would immediately alert his foes.

Stoic and calm, he seems not to mind the jeers the other adventurers rebuke him for his appearance which doesn't befit his rank. As he has little regard for matters that don't include goblins, he has difficulty socializing, since he lacks the ability to understand most basic social norms. Nonetheless, reserved as he might be, he does care about others, as evidenced by when he asks Guild Girl which other parties, usually entirely formed by rookies, have accepted goblin slaying quests, in order to judge if they might be able to handle the job or should he lend them a hand.

His style of combat favors more on pragmatism such as setting traps, using their own weapon against the user, and taking whatever advantage that may come. He even uses his own imagination of using a protection spell in order to kill all the goblins in a burning Elven fortress. The most defining trait of his is the hatred of goblins that fuels him and his actions. The reason behind this is how his family, which consisted of his parents and sister, and the entire village he lived in were cruelly massacred by goblins, which made him swear a vendetta against all goblins everywhere.

He believes the Goblins come from the Green Moon, his older sister told him so. Since the moon is a desolate place formed entirely by rock, with no grass, trees or water, the goblins turned envious and jealous of what they did not have, which is why they decided to invade the lands of humankind. Townsfolk tend to say that if you turn envious, you become a goblin.