Onna Shinkan

女神官, Priestess
Age: 15 Race: Human Rank: Obsidian Previously Porcelain Previously Steel current rank The main female protagonist. She is a porcelain rank adventurer the lowest rank as she had just joined. Her personality consist of being young kind and a generally helpful person. She is capable of using healing magic and protective spells with a high amount of proficiency. After her first goblin hunt rapidly goes downhill and saved by Goblin Slayer she joins with him as a new party. Even after the events of her first job she still wishes to be an adventurer and helps her party however she can. As she fights along Goblin Slayer she learns how to use spells alternatively gaining new spells and has started to wear armor as the story progresses. Her backstory is that of an orphan raised in a temple into priesthood along with other orphans like her. Since coming of age she decided to leave the temple and help adventurers in need