魔女, Witch
Witch is a silver ranked adventurer who is in a party with Spearman. She is a beautiful spellcaster with long purple hair who wears a revealing set of robes dark colored with gold yellow outlining. She is usually shown as being rather seductive acting in a rather amorous manner often suggesting sexual undertones in otherwise normal conversation which causes those she interacts with to become flustered or embarrassed. Despite her teasing she is shown to be caring of those around her offering advice and help to those who need it. She tends to speak in terse and paused sentences. As a powerful spellcaster she is known to posess at least the spells Inflammarae burn Magic Missile and Missile Deflect. She is shown using her Inflammarae spell to light a smoking pipe to which she herself admits is quite the waste. Witch is first shown helping Priestess get away from a pair of privy newbies who wanted to scout her for their own party. She also gives her advice on her current situation with Goblin Slayer explaining she did him a favor by selling him a magic scroll not too long ago but without entering into much more detail.