オジマンディアス, Rider, Ramesses II, Meryamen, King of Kings, King of Construction, Sun King, God-King
Riders True Name is Ozymandias a person from the 13th14th Century BC. The third Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt who governed over a vast empire also bearing the title of The greatest hero of ancient Egypt. He believes that his invocation was given by the need to save the world from its current state to sort the current holder of a broken humanity and that those who oppose him should be burned by his power. A wise ruler and exemplary statesman who while fighting the Hittites eventually made peace and brought about a thriving prosperity to ancient Egypt by means of cultural exchange and interaction. Ozymandias shows a personality of a person with a big ego seeing himself as a god but does not go as far as disrespecting the gods of his time. Unlike other demigods or beings with Divinity Ozymandias is one that is not contrary to the law of the heavens. Unlike Gilgamesh he freely declares his True Name Ozymandias believing that the world should kneel by the return of his radiant presence.