Gilbert Durandal

ギルバート デュランダル
Blood Type:AB
Rank: ZAFT Supreme Council Chairman Birthday: November 19 CE 41 Race: Coordinator Height: 183cm Weight: 69kg Durandal is the chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council and a member of the moderate political faction. Durandal is a man of science and medicine rather than politics with the stated agenda of ending all conflicts between humans especially the chasm between the Naturals and the Coordinators i.e. the Earth and PLANT. While a supporting character to the protagonists of the PLANT/ZAFT side of the story he serves as the principal antagonist in the series especially to the protagonists of the original Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Before he was Chairman of PLANT Durandal was a brilliant young physician specializing in genetics and advanced biomedical techniques. He also was a friend of Rau Le Creuset who was also his patient as it appears that it was he who prescribed Le Creuset the pills to stop the pain from his genetic malfunctions. However despite Gilberts efforts to ameliorate his friends suffering he could do nothing to save Rau from his genetic death sentence. Raus inability to understand the purpose of his existence helped Durandal form his opinions about a perfect world society. Durandal also had a relationship with later Minerva Captain Talia Gladys but she left him because she wanted a child. Nevertheless it appears that in CE 73 they are still sleeping together they were shown sharing quarters on the Minerva. Source: Wikipedia