Asahi Koube

Birthday:Jun 30
A young boy in a hood who is constantly searching for his younger sister Shio in order to reunite their family. He regularly prints out posters to put up around the city and sleeps underneath the park bench at night. Asahi is devoted and kind. As a child he was quiet and wellbehaved listening to his mother at all times and did his best to support her physically and emotionally. When Shio was born Asahi encouraged his mother to work hard for Shio because she became a symbol of hope for the both of them. He cared so much about his mother and Shio to the point where he urged his mother to leave the house with her and that he would stay behind with their abusive father so that he wouldnt pursue Asahis mother. Due to his fathers extreme abuse Asahi grew resentful of adults and chose to never trust them. He wants nothing more than to live a happy life with his mother and Shio and unlike Satou he doesnt favor hurting people to achieve that. Source: Happy Sugar Life Wikia