Ryunosuke Umemiya

梅宮 竜之介, Ryu, Rio
Ryunosuke Umemiya usually called Wooden Sword Ryu is a character in the anime and manga Shaman King. In the English anime his name is Rio. A direct translation of his nickname reads Dragon of the Wooden Sword. He was born on December 24 1980. He is a Capricorn and has the blood type O. He usually wears exaggerated 1970s fashion: white suits and dark shirts with oversized collars cuffs and lapels plus pointy shoes. His battle outfit consists of a veststyled shirt that exposes his stomach and pants that occasionally puff out above the ankles. His crowning glory is a footlong pompadour which keeps getting lopped off by Yoh Asakura and others. Ryus nickname comes from the fact he carries a wooden sword or bokut. In the English anime he has a Hispanic accent. source: wikipedia