Hina Nemoto

根元 陽菜, Nemo
Hina Nemoto is a classmate of Tomoko since her first year in high school. She is often seen in the background talking with Okada and Kiyota but her name is revealed only at the start of Tomokos second year of high school. As of Chapter 139 she is eighteen years old. Hina first met Tomoko during their entrance exam however Tomoko quickly forgot about her. She is Tomokos high school classmate who wants to become a voice actress. While appearing friendly and vivacious she often tries to keep herself above others while inwardly accusing them including Tomoko over looking down on her. The Volume 15 Special Edition reveals how she lost her middle school friends then vowed to put on an act in high school. She confesses to Tomoko that she wants to live a sliceoflife anime lifestyle. Outwardly sociable friendly and cheerful she is usually seen talking and laughing with Okada Kiyota and Suzuki in class and hanging out with them after school. She inwardly worries how others see her and whether or not they feel they are better than her. She will subtly denigrate others and becomes upset if she feels they have exceeded her. This explains her desire to have Tomoko as a friend on the one hand while periodically digging at her to imagining that Tomoko is in competition with her on the other. She befriends Tomoko at the start of the second year mainly due to Tomokos love of anime. Hina seems very friendly to Tomoko allowing Tomoko to use her chapstick once though she also seems very competitive. She largely hides her anime interest from Okada and her other friends. When Tomoko discovers that Hina wishes to become a voice actress Hina rather curtly orders her not to reveal that and not to discuss anime with her when her other friends are around. In Chapter 122 Hina decides to confess her aspirations and in Chapter 144 she reveals that she took voice lessons during the Golden Week break. In the anime Hina is rather shorter than Okada a slender frame shoulderlength long brown hair tied into twintails and bluegreen eyes while in most of the manga she is much taller and her hair has no color. In a flash back to her high school exam in Chapter 111 where Tomoko introduces herself to her she has black hair which reveals that she dyes her hair. The cover for Volume 11 depicts her hair as a light reddishbrown while a color depiction in Chapter 132 of a scene from a previous chapter and official artwork produced in anticipation of the release of Volume 15 shows her hair has a lighter almost pink color. She wears the girls uniform only with a pink sweater vest. Source: watamote.fandom