Age: 21
Race: Troll
Position: Fairy Warehouse Caretaker from Orlandri

Trolls, close in relation to Ogres, prey on the other races, especially the Emnetwiht (human). She met Willem during a scavenger mission while he was in his petrified state. Nygglatho often jokingly asks Willem if she can eat him.

Despite her young age, she has already accomplished much. She is the mother figure in the facility, and treats all the fairies in the facility as her own. She shows her weak side from time to time, and usually goes to the forest to hunt bears when depressed.

She holds a high opinion about Willem and asks Willem to consider her to be his partner.

After Chtholly's death, she cut her hair short, a Troll custom.

Her father is on the 11th Island and runs an inn. Willem and Elq stayed there for awhile.