Gazef Stronoff

ガゼフ・ストロノーフ, Warrior Captain, Strongest Warrior of the Kingdom
Gazeff Stronoff is the Warrior Captain of the ReEstize Kingdom and King Ramposa IIIs personal bodyguard and professes his utmost loyalty to him. Incredibly talented with the sword and wellversed in martial arts he is famously considered the strongest warrior in the entire kingdom and commands the respect and admiration of everyone who knows his name. Due to internal power struggles among the nobles in the kingdom Gazeff is not knighted so the King granted him the title of Warrior Captain which allows him to command his own unit comprised of Warrior Troops. Born a commoner in a frontier village he later became a mercenary. During his travels he encountered a former adamantiteranked adventurer who taught him his extraordinary swordsmanship. He participated in the grand tournament and defeated Brain Unglaus becoming the champion and earning the Kings trust. A muscular man in his thirties he has a sunbathed face with noticeable wrinkles and darkcolored eyes. His shorttrimmed hair is dark brown in color. He is a strongwilled individual who is willing to sacrifice his life in order to protect the citizens of the kingdom. Usually he is clad in a breastplate ornamented with red bands across his chest and shoulder pads and considerably less protection on the lower half of his body. As Warrior Captain he has the right to wield the five treasures of the Kingdom of which merely four are publicly known. These are the Guardian Armor made of extremely hard steel the Amulet of Immortality which grants regeneration the Gauntlets of Endurance said to grant endless stamina and Razor Edge a magically enchanted sword which is believed to be capable of cutting through armor like paper.