Shion Toudou

東堂 シオン
Shion Todo is a 6th grader at Paprika Private Academy. She is the only known 6th grader in the series. She is an idol at PriPara and is also a Cool type idol. She is voiced by Saki Yamakita a member of iRis. Her preferred brand is Baby Monster. She is the last of the main six girls to debut as Dorothy and Leona made cameo debuts in Episode 11 and Episode 12 respectively. Her name Shion is based on seventh note of the Solfge scale. Shion is really good at a game called Go. When thinking that other things as Go she succeeds the task she needs to do. She is calm and reassuring on the surface but her roots have a hot personality. She is currently in the unit Dressing Paf with Dorothy West and Leona West. Source: PriPara Wiki edited