Laila Hemawati

라일라 헤마와티
Race: Quarter unknown heritage Birthday attributes: Chandra Chandra Chandra Occupation: Priest of Darkness Rindhallow Magic Guild Branch President She is one of the priests of the polar city of Rindhallow the other being the Priest of Death Claude Yui. Laila is often tirelessly trying to get Claude to take his position seriously. Laila is an alias she claims to have forgotten her true name long ago. Laila was remembered by Brilith in Rindhallow administrating her magic test. They discussed Briliths need of a partner and she offered to look one up for her. She suggested Asha Rahiro who also needed a partner. When Asha shortly arrived Laila deemed it as fate and further suggested they team up asking for both of their opinions on the matter following Briliths hesitant suggestion. Once Asha left she suggested that Brilith look after her since she was missing an arm. She was later bored from reading and signing many documents and decided to ignore a delayed letter from Eloth deeming it to be a letter of persuasion common during the magician testing season. She did however read the letter once problems with Ashas test results had become obvious. When giving out ranks she initially made it seem like she was quite mad about Ashas behavior and might disqualify her but revealed her ploy once Brilith went to Ashas defense. She made up a completely new rank for Asha and hearing her demands also allowed her to access the Human Search System in Eloth while asking her in exchange to accompany Brilith safely to Eloth and then Atera. Source: Kubera Wikia