Kazuki Nishina


Kazuki Nishina is one of the love interests in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. He is the childhood friend of Kouji Mihama, Ann Fukuhara, and Wakana Morizono, although he doesn't remember her very well. He is part of a street-dancing group, and is the son of a family of sign-artists.

After resolving his differences with Hiro, the three of them form the unit Over The Rainbow and have their debut concert at the end of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Ann and Wakana confessed to him at the same time but he never gave them an answer, collapsing from embarrassment every time the topic is brought up.

In King of Prism
Birthday: May 5.
Blood type: A

Known as the Street-style charisma. Became a Prism Star because of his admiration towards former street-style prism star Kurokawa Rei.
He is a very caring and reliable upperclassman for his juniors. Straightforward and has a warm heart.