Ayane Isuzu

Born: July 10 1984 Bloodtype: A Height: 146 cm Grade: 2nd Year High School Section: B Powers: Gate of Wind Voiced by: Ikue Ohtani Japanese Rebecca Forstadt English An intelligent student Ayane is ranked thirdhighest of her entire class at Tategami High School. Ayanes classmates consider her to be a geek and more than a little strange not only because she is seldom seen without her computer but also because of her introverted attitude and nearhostility to social situations. She has a strong resemblance to Saemi Ukiya but she has an attitude reminiscent of Megumi Kurogane. When Ayane battles Invaders she prefers to use preprogrammed imitation Gates that are triggered by specially designed cellular phones. She often uses her computer to strategically time the deployment of the imitation Gates and also uses various tracking programs to detect and home in on Invader activity. She is bitter about almost everything as if she does not care about her surroundings which is why she has few to no friends at all. Her past is revealed bitbybit in each episode including her reason for avoiding any of the connections to her father. She and her mother were left to fend for themselves when her father Shun Ukiya dies battling Invaders. Because of this abandonment she resents using UP15 and her inherited Gate of Wind. The only thing she treasures is a tiny bell one of the few happy memories she has from her childhood which she keeps on the lid of her laptop computer. Source: Wikipedia