Aisha Landar

Aisha led a nomadic childhood with her grandfather who was a wise and experienced mage. He taught Aisha the art of spellcasting and at the tender age of 12 awarded her the title of Mage. A short time later she stumbled upon an ancient enchanted artifact which robbed her of her magical powers when she tried to use it. She searched high and low for a way to lift this terrible curse but to no avail. Eventually her grandfather revealed to her a crucial piece of information: The ring seeks a worthy bearer on which to bestow its powers. But take heed the ring will enslave those who are too weak to control it and drain them of their powers. Aisha has traveled far and wide since then picking up whatever arcane lore she can and building her strength in the hope that one day she might tame the ring and regain her lost powers. Aisha is a mage who relies on her spellcasting abilities to inflict major damage to an opponent. She also has the abilities to attack multiple targets at once. All of the Mages spells are elemental meaning she can gain an advantage by tailoring her attacks to a monsters natural element. In hand to hand combat she favors the staff. Source: Elwiki